6 Tiny Houses/Cabins in one tour…. Tennessee Tiny Homes

6 Tiny Houses/Cabins in one tour.... Tennessee Tiny Homes

Check out Deek’s book on DIY Tiny House, Cabin, Tree House, and Fort concepts and Ideas- HERE- http://www.amazon.com/Humble-Simple-Cottages-Ramshackle-Retrea…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cool Shipping Container Homes, Awesome Homes made from Shipping Containers

Shipping container homes, offices and buildings offer low cost, efficiency and flexibility. Modular metal homes are an excellent and convenient living ingeni…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • cathie b

    Im sorry but that first house with that blue is UGLY. The color has to

  • otakop67

    Dustin Diedricksen, a man of few (or no) words.

  • Violette Clark

    thanks very much for your videos. Love this series of houses. The blue
    house is especially cool – but then i live in a purple house and adore

  • Wendy Stedman

    I would love these if they were more affordable.

  • michelle woolford

    love the inside of the blue house… the wedgie. are these for sale or do
    you sell the plans and where can i get them from and how much

  • Kari C

    Joe is a terrific guy and his workmanship is impeccable! I’d love to live
    in one of his tiny houses. His land is beautiful and he puts great care
    into his work. I hope to visit with him again someday, he’s a quality kinda
    dude! K

  • Depro Nine

    You dudes been taking tv hosting classes or something. So professional,
    almost had me fooled. 

  • mavey wavey

    Dear deek
    I live with three siblings and my mother (my father is not in the picture
    anymore) all I was wondering is is it possible to build a tiny house that
    would fit all of us. I am not asking you to build one for my family I was
    just wondering if its possible

  • deezynar

    Ondura roofing is made from recycled paper that’s impregnated with asphalt,
    so it’s like corrugated tar paper. You can find discussion groups on line
    that talk about it and the majority of comments are negative. You can’t
    walk on it. You can’t put another layer over it when it goes bad. It
    doesn’t last in very rainy climates. It’s not even cheap. I was thinking
    about using it on my house and bought a few panels to play with. One of
    the things I did was cut off a chunk and see if it would catch on fire. It
    did catch on fire, and it continued to burn. I decided to go with a steel
    roof. BTW, the steel was only slightly more expensive than the Ondura.
    One thing you can’t deny about Ondura, it is quick and easy to install.
    The hardest part is making sure your hammer doesn’t slip and smash a hole
    in it. If I was building a tiny house and knew there’d be little chance of
    a fire getting close to the outside of my house, I would actually consider
    using Ondura because it’s available at Loew’s and is so easy to install.
    I’d still probably put steel on it tho because a tiny house needs so little
    material you may as well put a 50 year roof on it.

  • pakt40

    Loved the Wedgie Model. Would have loved a more in dept showing of that
    one. Maybe once complete you can do one:)

  • james heald

    Love ur videos

  • Steve Jobs

    wow! the videos keep getting better and better! great job deek!

  • Grace Villafuerte

    Rad! Awesome tour of the homes

  • Kari C

    Also, Deek’s A-frame is rad, and Steve Harrell is a great guy! And, NO,
    they did not pay me to say any of this…but maybe they should…

  • Carly1111

    Great video!

  • Ciecie Newson

    There is just something so sexy about a man that can build a home.

  • relaxshacksDOTcom
  • Jordan Seager

    I love the one at 4:30!

  • Rexona khatun

    Have you heard about – “Shuzman Awesome Container Homes” (search on
    google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate built an
    excellent container house with it.

  • Christopher Springmann

    I admire your compilation and hard-work, Grig, but please consider using
    scan-and-pan and dissolve instead of the constant zooming

  • Stephen Chandler

    Some of these are not shipping container homes.

  • P Kelly

    Please make a thumbnail pic for this!

  • Fight For .Freedom

    These are great, some really beautiful ..and I like the music!

  • Stephan Koch

    Container Houses are nice, or?

  • EileenA Vicenty

    When I remodel my cottage, I will choose the container home style, Love it
    and WE do have the space, AWESOME!!!

    #artanddesign #shippingcontainers #home 

  • 함승룡

    함가본태 1번 공유

  • Class War

    If one single container home doesn’t cost less than 10.000euro,then it
    doesn’t worth it

  • Qodeshbahts OfZion
  • Shelleys Crochet Ole

    When I remodel my cottage, I will choose the container home style, Love it
    and WE do have the space, AWESOME!!!

    #artanddesign #shippingcontainers #home 

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