2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate TV Ad: Innovation

coldwellbanker.com Owning a home is a wonderful experience and Coldwell Banker Real Estate thinks finding one should be too. See our latest TV ad to discover all the ways Coldwell Banker Real Estate can help you find your home. Let us help you find the home of your dreams by visiting our award winning website coldwellbanker.com from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


  • Beat Süess

    Hey Tom Selleck this is my thoughter on the couch with the iPad, you done such a great job with your voice. Thanks to be part of the video.

    Great job!!

    PS – I love Magnum PI

  • oilcityreal

    Check out Oil City Pennsylvania for beautiful homes at incredibly low prices. A thriving arts and music scene as well as new industries moving into the area make this a great investment. Now is the time though, because the market is being discovered by people looking for great deals.

  • arshie26

    What song is this set to? I really like it!

  • Jeffrey Adams

    I really like these 2 ads…thanks Tom Selleck, you make it sound sooooo wonderful.

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