2000% Higher CTR – Facebook Ads Case Study

http://retechulous.com/2012/01/31/2000-percent-greater-response/ – 2000% Higher CTR – Facebook Ads Case Study. Get even more Facebook real estate marketing i…


  • Annie Rose

    Very Good Clear & Concise!

  • Vitor Gouveia

    we just did an facebook ads campaign and got an 0.5 CTR.. Was amazing, the fanpage grew 20% in just one day…

    A hint.. use call to action elements. You forgot to mention that the first ad has a “click here” message at the end.. that was also important, cause motivates people to interact with your campaign.. we try call to actions in the images and we usually got CTRs above 0.2 in our ads.

    Great video, thou

  • Adil Ayub

    great video – i have been looking into facebook advertising – being self employed marketing is one of my challenges – thank you for putting this up.

  • Jacques Blom

    Thanks! Great Video.

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