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  • angelyda lyda ley

    THIS WAS GREAT. Thank you.

  • luv4nature

    I will break down his exact scenario over a 9 month period for this exact
    scenario to show you how wrong it is. each scenario below is what they
    would look like at the end of 9 months.

    First example, not paying any additional on the mortgage and saving the
    $2,025 per month into a high yield CD.

    Mortgage balance at the end of 9 months making minimum payments would be:
    $286,925.30 and would have paid $11,257.09 in interest on the mortgage
    $18,505.47 in savings ($2,025 * 9 + compounded interest)
    If you balance your savings against the balance of the mortgage you would
    have a net balance of $268,419.83

    2nd example is taking the extra $2,025 toward the mortgage each month your
    balance at the end of 9 months would be:
    $268,381.19 and you would have paid $10,937.97 in interest over the 9 months

    3rd example is this VIP plan:
    Balance on the mortgage would be $266,568.93 and you would have paid
    $9,308.30 in interest. On the “Debt Weapon” you would still have a balance
    of $2,902.44 (you are only able to pay $2,025 per month towards the actual
    balance of that fund, and have to factor in interest you are paying on it)
    and you would have paid $1,127.44 in interest over that 9 months. For a
    combined remaining debt of $269,471.37

    Please be careful who you go to for financial advice, and make sure you
    look at all the numbers yourself. It is easy when using a 30 year
    amortization chart to “shock” someone with large numbers, but as I have
    clearly outlined above, this method is not a winner. In either of the
    three scenarios it is the worst financially. In the slide where he shows
    the drastic interest reduction as the loan ages, you can flip that chart
    upside down and remember, compound interest on your savings works the same
    way but the curve grows exponentially upward for you. I hate to say it but
    this is clearly a money making scheme, and does nothing that you couldn’t
    do better yourself. 

  • luv4nature

    The same thing could have been accomplished by them just putting their
    extra income the $2,025 towards the principal each month. They would
    actually save even more in interest because they would not be borrowing at
    12% to pay extra towards their mortgage. He is overcomplicating things
    with this system and it is less fruitful. Even within the first 9 months,
    paying their extra cash towards the mortgage vs. borrowing from the LOC to
    put a lump sum on the house they would actually have come out ahead by
    $538.03 in just 9 months. So this way is actually costing (during the
    first 9 month period) an average of an extra $59.78 per month.

  • Yash Naik

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  • Michael McNamara

    I took the advice and watched the entire video. This is revolutionary
    financial information that everyone should see. This is information that
    should be taught in schools and the workplace.

  • Melanie BS

    You state you are not making the mortgage payment when you put the lump sum
    down. But when you show the loan calculator chart you include the lump sum
    and mortgage payment. So the numbers will show differently. Other than that
    this is a good system with people who can control themselves.

  • Patrick Felton

    WOW! Probably the best hour one can spend on here if your over 14 or so.
    Straight scoop on banking,mortgages & credit scores . This impacts us every
    day but we don’t really know squat about it. Lender advertising we see
    everyday misleads us. Crap…I could have saved thousands by now and have a
    way better credit score.

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